Most commercial buildings have one thing in common - temperature discomfort. How could one thermostat control an entire floor or even 4 or 5 separate offices? A single zone that covers multiple rooms cannot address issues such as:

1. Personal Temperature Preferences
2. Room Use
3. Appliances, electronics, computers, cooking equipment, etc.
4. Room location, windows, doors, etc.
5. Solar loading
6. Thermal dynamics

Emme Room-By-Room understands that every room has its own, unique, heating and cooling requirements. Since Emme Room-By-Room can control the flow of air to every room, it can selectively condition each room so that the temperature in each room is maintained within the desired set points, thereby providing superior comfort. With Emme’s auto change-over capabilities, Emme can allow certain rooms to be heated  followed by a cooling cycle that cools other rooms that need to be cooled.