A typical commercial buildings heating and cooling system has too little control, too little comfort, and uses too much energy. Emme Room-by-Room can change that; it provides the control to make every office or area its own zone.

Emme Room-By-Room understands that every room has its own, unique, heating and cooling requirements. Emme Room-By-Room doesn’t have to condition every room at once. Instead, it selectively conditions the rooms that need it, minimizing conditioning in the rooms that don’t. It drastically reduces hot and cold spots and temperature fluctuations between areas of a building while providing easy-to-use energy saving tools.

Importantly, an Emme  Room-By-Room system can lower the cost of the overall HVAC installation by up to 50% by reducing the number of roof top units required and by reducing or  eliminating the need for expensive VAV boxes. For more information on the key benefits of the Emme Room-By-Room system, click here.