The Emme Room-By-Room system delivers not only superior comfort, but a great opportunity to save on your enery bill. Here are a few ways the Emme system provides energy savings:

  1. Reduce Over-Conditioning. Conventional HVAC zoning solutions tend to condition many rooms, even though only one room might need conditioning. This is wasteful. With Emme, the only those rooms that need conditioning are conditioned.

  2. Smart Circulation. If there is one room that needs heating and another room that needs cooling, Emme’s patented Smart Circulation feature will mix the air in these rooms, thereby reducing the need to actively heat or cool these rooms.

  3. Saver Mode. If a room is not being used, it can be put in Saver Mode with a push of a button on the Smart Controller. This will override the normal temperature setting and cause that room to receive less conditioning, thereby saving energy. When the room is to be re-occupied, a simple push of the Saver button will cause the room to return to the normal temperature setting.

  4. Highly Flexible Temperature Schedules. With Emme, every room can have its own temperature schedule every hour of every day of the week.

  5. Economizer Integration. The Emme system works extremely well with economizer units so that cool outside air can be used when available instead of running the air conditioning units.

  6. System Twinning. The Emme system allows you to control multiple air handlers with one Emme system. This allows one unit to run longer with less short cycling.

  7. HVAC Energy Monitoring. The Central Display allows you to track temperature and conditioning usage, providing helpful feedback that can be used to reduce energy costs.

  8. Electricity Monitoring. The Emme display panel can also supply you with useful electricity usage down to the appliance level.

  9. Centralized Energy Management Of All HVAC Units. With Emme system, all HVAC units in a building can be centrally controlled to take advantage of off-peak electricity and to prevent demand spiking.

  10. Remote Access Portal And Energy Management System. The wifi-enabled web portal allows building maintenance personnel to remotely investigate complaints and make adjustments to the system, thereby avoiding unnecessary travel. The alert system informs maintenance personnel when the system is operating outside normal conditions so that the system can be repaired to prevent loss of efficiency.