"I love this system. We can now accommodate every doctor’s temperature preference. Some want cool hallways, but warm exam rooms. I can easily program the system to keep each doctor’s area just the way they want it."

Mark Avrith
Maintenance Director, Seaview Orthopedic & Medical Associates

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Seaview Orthopedic & Medical Associates is a large orthopedic practice with over 20 physicians and over 200 employees headquartered in Ocean, New Jersey. The office is divided into administrative offices as well as numerous, small exam rooms and x-ray rooms. Frequently patients and physicians would become uncomfortable as these rooms would become too hot or too cold during the course of the day. The HVAC systems servicing the company were simply not able to keep all the rooms comfortable all the time. In order to resolve the discomfort issues, Seaview Orthopedic called in five different HVAC contractors, but they could not come up with a solution that was not prohibitively expensive and did not require extensive renovation.

Emme Solution

With the Emme system, a wireless sensor is placed in every room and a rugged inflatable damper is placed in every duct run. The central display unit then controls the inflating and deflating of dampers, thereby controlling the flow of conditioned air into every room. With the Emme system, every exam room and x-ray room became its own zone and was therefore able to be controlled and scheduled separately.  The controls are so precise that the waiting room has 3 temperature zones, exam rooms have temperature settings based on what day of the week certain doctors will be in and the reception area temperatures are set by employee station.